Lewis & Jones Fitness Centre

The Lewis and Jones Community Fitness Centre aims to provide recreational fitness opportunities for all ages. We have an active senior demographic, and a number of youth looking to improve their level of fitness and achieve their personal goals. We strive to include equipment that is safe for all ages and abilities, including additions such as stability balls, agility ladders, balance boards, medicine balls and spin bikes to entice the athletes and functional trainers. Our recumbent bikes, elliptical trainers, resistance bands and weight assist machines are great for those just beginning their fitness journey, recovering from injuries or completing their physiotherapy regime.  The Lewis and Jones Community Fitness Centre is the only fitness centre in Killarney that allows for memberships outside of regularly scheduled programming. We also employ 2-3 local residents as certified personal trainers, providing up-to-date lifting techniques and programs...call us today for your membership because our goal is to provide the tools, knowledge and equipment to encourage a healthy lifestyle, and therefore the healthiest community.

Hours of operation: Monday through Sunday: 5:30am to 10pm

Call the Shamrock Centre at (204) 523-8920 or email recoffice@shamrockcentre.ca
for more information or to get signed up for a membership.