SHAMROCK CENTRE  - Elk's Lounge  


The Elk's Lounge is located in the upper concourse. The 102 person meeting/viewing area overlooks the TLA Curling Rink.
A permanent liquor service is operated by Shamrock Centre staff.
The Lounge is a great space for meetings, parties, school reunions, and small receptions.
You can socialize with friends while watching your favorite sporting events on the large screen television. 
The lounge also has four overhead computer screens (one for each ice sheet). The screens are hooked to overhead cameras suspended from beams in the curling rink area. Each camera hovers above the house where avid spectators can see the exact placement of rocks. Can't get much better than that!
Rental Rates (inc GST) effective Sep 1/15-Aug 31/16
Hourly                                                                 $52.50
Meeting (half day/max 4 hrs)                              $99.75
Meeting (full day/max 8 hrs)                               $162.75
Social Function (includes bartender)                  $94.50