ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge

Killarney: WE CAN DO THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year at this time I sent out a message asking you all to consider downloading the free ParticipACTION app (or log in to their website on your desktop) and start tracking your activity minutes and's time I ask again:)

I have enrolled our Killarney community into the Community Better Challenge again this year, and I need your help to qualify for the grand $100,000 prize, as well as the title of Canada's Most Active Community. Last year we totally rocked it and made it all the way into the final 50...this year I believe we can do EVEN BETTER!WE CAN DO THIS !!!!!

This year I have also engaged us in a friendly competition with other Westman Region communities...our top prize for being the most active community in this challenge (there are approx. a dozen communities participating here) is $1000. Folks, I have to tell you (if you haven't already noticed) I'm a tad bit competitive and I want to show our neighboring communities that we ARE the most active. I want that $1000 for us!

What counts as activity minutes? Walking, running, pushing a lawn mower...check out the website: and look for the Community Better Challenge. For the frequently asked questions:

When you sign up, it's important to use our postal code, R0K 1G0, as that is how our minutes are tracked. I also have an account as an organization and can add in any minutes we do as a result of community activities, should we be able to promote any new activity challenges to add into our minutes. 

Do you walk every day? Do you get up early and do a virtual spinning class? Take your dog for a run? All those minutes are important! Please consider signing up for the free account. There's more than the Community Better can qualify yourself for individual goals and prizes as well. It's a quick process and if you need any help, I'm always just an email away.

The Challenge starts June 1st.

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